We're looking for creative and curious souls, who care about how people fit into the changing world. We believe adaptability, empathy and an appetite for growth are the driving forces for humankind. This also the foundation of our company and our culture. Come join the fam and work with us! 

Our offices

 💻 Remote HQ

Our team is remote first, which means the office happens on Slack and Zoom. We have team members spread across different cities, in multiple timezones who choose to work where they feel happiest and most productive. 

🇸🇬 Singapore campus

For Singapore roles, our office and campus floats across different coworking spaces. If you are based in Singapore, you will also have access to work from our various space partners. 

Why us?

  • We have an international environment - we've collectively lived, worked and studied in over 20 countries. We have third culture kids, sea turtles and part-time nomads.  
  • All vibes welcome here. Be part of a team of colourful, nerdy and delightfully awkward people. We geek out over Harry Potter, sustainable foods, esports, Terrace House, pretty stationery and long form journalism. We have room for both introverts and extroverts, with some ambiverts wedged comfortably in between. 
  • Flexibility first - we don't have any hard rules about what time you should start and finish work, We trust that you are a fully functioning adult, who will be able to design a schedule that accommodates both work and personal commitments. 
  • Work on solving one of the biggest modern problems: how to help people stay relevant, find purpose and feel connected, in a world of automation and accelerating change. 
  • Learn about how other organisations and industries of all sizes function (think anything from startups, Fortune 500 companies, agencies etc). Get exposure to cutting edge technologies, interesting people and emerging industries before anyone else. 
  • A commitment to your growth - skills, network, mindset. Plus unlimited access to our classes and instructors! 
  • Generous leave. You take the lead on deciding when you need R&R.
  • Fun stuff - occasional team retreats, team dinners or Friyay dranks. You'll most likely find us eating mala hotpot, playing werewolf or at karaoke.
  • Nice people. Witty banter. Fun times.

In a changing world, our mission is to make learning a lifestyle, and a space where anyone can become and belong

- said NewCampus peeps 🤗